"Make Proxy" produces unwanted residual objects


I have a blender file with a rigged character.
I linked (referenced) the collection containing the geos and the bones (armature).
I execute “Make Proxy” with the Armature.

It works. I can now move the linked (referenced) file.

The problem is there is a “static” version of the Armature (i.e. unwanted residual objects).

You can see an illustration of the problem here (14 sec):

Is there a way around this?

Kindly ignore. False alarm.
It turns out the “unwanted residual objects” was a collection of static referenced controls.

It turns out when you linked/referenced a collection, it does not respect the visibility of the sub-collection.
So I have to hide the collection that should be hidden.

Here’s an explanation. Glad you found it.

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Thanks for the reference link!