make proxy works with animations in manuel bastioni lab

Hi everyone, my first post in that forum. Thanks to all in advance.

Im start using blender with the AWESOME add-on manuelbastioni lab, all works great but I dont know how to make a custom animation with proxies follow the mesh, do I have to click on fit proxy button in all frames?


Hi, as I understand, the “Fit proxy” button is not for animations, but for helping you keep a library of “things” that can be fitted, once, to a new character based on the same mesh. But once the proxy has been fitted to the new character, you should rig it by hand to use it in animation.

Automatic “rigging” – or transferring data – seems to be something that might be coming in the future – but not yet. See task 6.11 here,
and also this,

Rigging is an art in itself, but you can start by selecting your proxy, shift selecting the armature, and then Ctrl + P “set parent => armature deform => with automatic weights”. For more info, if you’re not familiar, perhaps the manual, or this amazing intro by Lee Salvemini,

Tho it seems one can also transfer the vertex weights to the proxy directly, as described here,