Make rain in BGE and make it 'splash' when it hits the ground. 2.5....

Hello, how can I make it rain in blender 2.57 and as the droplets hit the ground, they splash?

I’m so frustrated with this, I’d be really thankful if someone could help me, seeing how there is no particle system for BGE…

I’ve searched and didn’t find anything useful for 2.5, only for 2.4, which doesn’t help.

You can convert most things from 2.49 to 2.57 with a little work.
About the rain making splashes when hiting the ground, I think you don’t need that kind of precision really. Realtime rendering is all about faking how things work and look, for the rain you will probably need a lot of planes with a rain texture faling from the sky and an animated splater texture on the ground.

Hey… I just mocked this up really fast here at work while no one was looking. I made this in 2.49, but I just opened it up in 2.57 with no problem.
Just hit P and watch the rain fall and splash.
RainSplash1.blend (205 KB)
Hope it helps.

Thanks Molino for this, will be useful for other things! By the way, how do you get the raindrops to always face the camera in 2.57?



" how do you get the raindrops to always face the camera in 2.57?"
Oh… I don’t know yet… I made this in 2.49.
Let me get back to you on this one.

If you set the planes to halo or billboard, it will face the camera!

Excellent! Thanks for the info!

Is it found the same way in 2.5 as in 2.4?

-Add UVs
-Go to Edit Buttons Window
-Go to Texture Face Tab
-Select Halo

That sort of thing?
I’m just starting to familiarize my self with 2.5 and get lost quite often.

Oh… by the way… about the Halo thing… remember to rotate you plane -90 degrees in the Y axis.
If you do this in Edit mode you should be ok. If you do it in Object mode… make sure to apply the rotations.
d-d-d-d-d-d-dats all folks!

I believe that’s the X-axis. But Molino is correct.

Very nice Molino, great tip!!

Sorry for taking so long to answer back, life has been difficult.

Anyway, I’d like to thank you all for answering, but now I have another question:
I made a .png picture which I’ve been trying to animate for days with normal maps in BGE, with no success, but NOW I finally managed to make it work, after much struggle…

…BUUUUUT, the problem is that, when I apply it, the game engine takes like 30 seconds to start. This did not happen when I applied two 3000x2000 textures - that were not animated - to a house that I made for BGE, it only happens when I apply the 2560x2560 ‘tile picture’ to a plane, animate it, and make it transparent, so only the effect I made appears ingame.

They are ALL UV normal maps, except for the effect, which is obviously animated.

Again, it only happens with the animated map, if I apply other normal maps, it loads right away.

Please, help me, I don’t know why this is happening! If I add more effects, then there’s no way it’ll load in less than many minutes.

I use blender 2.57 and the .png image with the tiles has 977kb.