Make read/unread easier to distinguish

Here my proposal.

I’ve used Franklin Gothic as font just to try to match as much as I can to the font you’re using. It seems quite similar so the result is comparable.

About the Light Theme, if is not possible to use a bold solution, leave it as it’s now.
I think that the Dark theme is that is suffering more about this

Could you share your css for this please?

I’m really sorry but I don’t know anything about css, at least not at a level it should be helpful.
I can give you the hexadecimal values of the colors I used.
That mockup is done with photoshop.

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Which elements are you wanting to target with this? As in: which bits of which pages?

Nevermind. I think you mean on the topics listing. The CSS for that has #222 set for topics that aren’t visited (inherited from html tag) and has #919191 for visited topics (defined as .topic-list-item.visited a.title {color #919191;}

So if you want to do custom targetting for fonts I’d say use this for unvisited topics:
.topic-list-item a.title {color: #something; font-family: whatever;}

and this for visited topics:
.topic-list-item.visited a.title {color: #something-else; font-family: whatever-else;}

These area.
When you enter a Section and you see the threads list

@bartv Should I use something like @Gumboots suggested? or is it enough what I’ve proposed before?

You know if you want to mess around with things you can run your own CSS in your browser as an override for this site. That’s what most people are doing for these trial runs. Then when someone asks for the code you can just hand it to them.

You can get extensions for FF and Chrome that will let you run trial CSS overrides. As long as you know how to use Right click > Inspect element you should be good to go, if you already have basic CSS knowledge.

I second the request. maybe make the topics with all read have a lighter outline in dark theme and a light gray in the light theme or something like that.

as it stands right now, it’s not very intuitive (far less than before, IMO)

I’m experimenting with having the read topics in italics: That would prevent having to use very dim colors.

it’s surely better than now.
I’m hold on use a different color…anyway it’s a good to step to improve the readablity.