make renders look more cg

I know everyone strives for photo-realism in most cases but having 3d cg images or video on a website makes your business stand out.

There are a couple of things about this video that make the finished product stand out as obviously cg. Can you spot them? I’m talking about the very end of the video once the fire starts in the oven.

Can you think of appealing ways to make a video obviously cg but still looking awesome?

Btw, the video was created entirely with blender. there are no after effects of any kind.

To me every aspect of that video stands out as obvious CG, as you say it is not necessarily a bad thing but most of the time where you see a video/image that is pushing towards photo-realistic but don’t quite get there you are just gonna think that the budget was not large enough.

The only things that can be excused as awesome “obvious” cg is cartoony or heavily stylized genres such as all Pixar movies and Final Fantasy.

I’m afraid your work falls into the uncanny valley but it is still very good work :slight_smile:

I Think the stile fits perfectly with what you tried to show here.
The video is obviously CG, and It’s awesome. What else do you want?

And even pixar and dreamworks movies, if you pay attention to the settings they are all very very realistic the only thing that’s really changed are the style of their characters