Make several faces one big in the UV?

Another morning question ( in Sweden the time is 05:45 )

Is it possible to make my UV be just one face for an area with several faces so it’s easier to UV map?

I triangulate my models since I want to make a low poly triangle style so the faces look like this:,osqYmr1#0

And then when creating a UV map for that is looks like this:,osqYmr1#1

My question is if it’s possible to not make it UV map my triangulated stuff as different UV-s unless I want it to do that?

As for the sides and the bottom you see they are split into two faces even though it’s flat so it should be able to be one? And for the top that is split into several triangles I still want it to be just one color over the flat area, so would it be possible to make that into one face in the UV as well? ( I did think this is what the Mark seams handeld but that was apperently wrong. :slight_smile: )

Or do I need to fix that in the model by removing the triangles where I do not use them. However I heard that it is really bad having a mix of triangles and squares? And also since the models are made for a game usually the game engine vill triangulate the object in the end anyway.

I am not sure exactly what your desired output is, but do note that you can select groups of faces and unwrap them from view - like unwrapping the floor area of your game for instance from above, position and scale so that they make sense, and then selecting the next part of the mesh and unwrapping that hwo you want and placing it.