Make smoke move to audio


I want to make smoke move to audio like this:

So far I understand that the two main techniques (correct me if I’m wrong) to make animations sync with audio are
1) “Manual”: By importing the audio and put markers on the track
2) “Automatic”: Using f-curves

I’m writing a bachelor essay in Stockholm where we’re going to compare those two techniques. We want to visualize it like the movement in the above link, and we’re not quite sure how to do that. Does anyone have any ideas? Using vectors or some kind of pulsing effect is the way to go I guess…

(Please excuse my English)

Okej, so far I’ve learned that the way to go is to use the “curve guide” as a force field. In earlier versions of Blender you could use the “time ipo curve” to change the speed along the curve. But does anyone know how to achieve this in Blender 2.6x?