make terrain

I want to make a flat terrain (Plane object) for ground in a 3D game.
The size I want is 2000X2000 px and I want to place a texture over it which may need to repeat.

In Blender is there a basic tutorial I could follow for something similar.

When I create a plane object it isnt displayed along X/Z axis by default.

A few points
You can rotate the plane to be along the X/Z axis by selecting it and rotating it 90 degrees around the X axis. To do this you can use the keyboard shortcut R X 90. I’m not sure why you’d want to do this for a terrain as this would make a vertical plane not a horizontal one like the default placement
Giving it a pixel dimension is pretty meaningless. If you want it to measure 2000 x 2000 units you can input them dimensions by pressing N to show the objects properties. You can then input a specific dimension.

Yes my mistake about the axis.
I am still unclear about how to get 2000X2000 px size and placing a texture on this plane?

Adding a texture
Tutorial from Blender 3D Design Course
Pixel size and object size are independent of each other.

the 1st link didnt work

Both links work.

3d objects are not sized in pixels. You can map any size image to any size object - you don’t have to make a 2000px object to fit a 2000px image, for example. I can map a 4096px square image to a 1 blender unit scaled plane. Or I can map a 32 pixel square image to a 10,000 blender unit plane, and then tile it, or not.