Make Texture Appear In Viewport

Hi All,

I have been working with blender for a while and, on occasion, I will see that others have textures appearing in their viewport.

How can this be done?

Reset Blender.
Delete the cube and create plane.
Assign a video as a texture to the material and map it to the Color parameter.
Put the viewport in potatoe mode.

I still can not figure out how to see my video on a plane in the viewport. This is import for me to time parts of my animation to.:confused:

you need to load it as a background image in the ‘view’ menu on the main header.

That just puts it on the background of the viewport. I want to see my texture on the plane itself.

ahhh…my mistake. I think the only way to see an avi texture in the 3D window is to use the preview function. It was part of the 2.44 release I think, so there should be some instruction in the release notes, and I noticed in the latest bugfix release, there are some improvements to it that will allow it to work faster.

You might be right.
I found this link:

This allows me to see a single frame in the viewport, but it will not animate my sequence (which is what I need).
UV mapping also puts my image on upside down. You’d think, by now, that the correct UV mapping of a plane would be auto matic. I guess R a couple times fixes that.