Make texture color independent of object color?

Hello. I’m making a character creator and because the material color can’t be animated in the game engine, i’m animating the object color.
Any textures are just multiplied with the object color, even if it is set to “mix”. I would really like to keep some colors, e.g. beak and feet of a gryphon, independent.
I’ve tried using divide, which could technically work, but this is really not an elegant solution either. If I make the object color lighter, all of the texture looks way too bright, all the darker parts vanish. It really doesn’t look good.

Is there any workaround to avoid this?

just a little bump here, because i’d really like to know what’s the problem ^^’

can you show nodes set up and may be a small sample file
so we can see the problem

but if this is for BGE and not normal render there is a forum for BGE !

happy bl

Since this problem does not only exist in the BGE, but also in the viewport and blender render, I assume it’s not BGE specific.
I don’t use nodes, but I tried to take a quick look at them and didn’t find anything suspicious.

This is my problem:

Default model (white)

Material color changed (What I want it to look like):

Object color changed (Only thing that works in BGE)

See what I mean?

if you are talking about object color in object panel in bl
it will take over all other colors!

not certain what to do here
or if there is another way to not use this ob color !

so this is not in cycles but bl

happy bl

ok, i just noticed that vertex color seems to work fine. this would also have other advantages for me. now i wonder how i can set vertex color of a vertex group via python. does anyone have a code (and an explanation)? =)

remember that i ask question some time ago so

see some uses for this here

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