Make the camera look at the horizon in horizont , altough it has a track to constrain

Hi , want my camera to look to the horizon of a world i made ( a sphere ) in horizontal , but i have the camera following a path and tracking to an empty.

So , now i cant rotate the camera no more. and if i rotate the empty the camera dont rotate , it only tracks it , but it dont cares if i rotate the empty.

I have two identical curves , one in layer 2 with the camera parented to it with a follow path.
the other identical curve is in layer 3 with an empty parented to it and also a follow path but with an offset.

Then i told the camera to track the empty. :rolleyes:

But now i want to be able to have the camer to rotate to be always looking at the horizon in horizontal , but i cant , do you know how i can fix it ? :eek:

Here’s the blend file :

no one has an idea what can i do ?

Parent the camera to an empty, then track that empty to the first tracking empty. This should allow you to rotate the camera.

I’m currently at work so I can’t download your file and look at it but maybe you have the camera following the roll of the path in your follow path constraint.

Yes man ! Thanx i got it now !:smiley:

But i realised is not really what i want , because now i have to be keying everyframe to match the both the horizon and the empty which was before tracking:(

Here’s a video showinf what i want , hope you can help me

Instead of tracking the camera to an empty, try tracking the X axis of the camera to the sphere.

thanx lord , but i dont know how to track only the x axis to the sphere , thats not just a track to constraint , wich type of constraint do i have to us use ’


It’s a regular ol’ track to constraint. You can change what axis tracks towards the target object just like any other constraint.

thanx lord , i guess i did what u suggested but it doesnt seems to work , you can see what i did in this video :

I want the camera to track the empty , because that way it always looks to the front of the path , is there a way to track the camera to the empty but bee able to rotate the camera in the axis(line) between the camera and the empty ?

Or maybe somehow make the camera always have the “feet” on the ground ?

Ah, ok. Don’t use old track, use track to constraint.

tracksphere.avi 4 MB

Im so sorry , lord , im stupid , i meant in horizontal ,
i want the horizon to look in horizontal .

Here’s another video

Im sorry , in the video i say horizontal , but in the tread was vertical.

Give the empty a track to constraint so that -Z points to the center of the sphere.

Yes it works ! wohoooooooooooooooooooooo !
, man thank you so much !

Its been a hard thread, but we made it , thanx again ! ;D