Make the F-Curve 2D cursor Y axis blocked?

I would want to have an option to block Y axis of the 2D cursor, in F-Curves.

For example, I have some keyframes that I want to scale them to approach them to 0 value. So, I put the cursor (green cross) to 0 in Y and, in X, it doesn’t matter… but I use a frame near where I’m working. To be more exact, I use the value “Cursor Y” and set it to 0. Setting the pivot to 2D cursor and scale the keyframes. Now…

I have to do this with several keyframes in different frames. Every time I move across the timeline… the 2D cursor change its Y and X. As I said before, it doesn’t matter X axis, but Y does. And there’s no option to block it.

Can I do this process in another way? Would it be a suggestion to develop?

(ilustrative reasons only)

Move across the time line IN THE TIMELINE window, not in the F-curve window - then the cursor will stay still in Y. Whenever you click in the F-curve window to move the cursor - it will jump to the position of your mouse pointer, this is not the case in the timeline window. You can use the slider in the F-curve window to get to where the cursor has moved to.

Hope this helps you - I have just tried it and it works for me!

Cheers, Clock.

Yes, I known that technique… but, IMHO, it is too tricky. Because, even using “Lock time to other windows” in F-Curves and Timeline, the size of the Timeline is not the same as the one on F-Curves, because of F-Curves sliders and properties panel. Look:

For this reason, when moving the mouse in Timeline, the movement is not the one I expect, as I look in F-Curve area. It’s “out of scale feeling”.
Also, my eyes have to go, first to timeline, then to F-Curves, then View3D… and then, the “strange feeling”. So tricky.

Plus: even if sliders and properties panels are hidden, the scale is still different… maybe a bug?

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!

I hear what you are saying, but you can stretch/squeeze the time line and F-curve windows and also advance/retard one frame at a time in the time line using the left & right arrow keys with your cursor in the timeline window. You can also “jump” to the next/previous keyframe using the up & down keys. I don’t know any other way around this.

Cheers, Clock.