Make tweak action move multiple nodes in node editor


one thing that’s consistently driving me crazy, as I can not get it into my muscle memory no matter what, is that when you select multiple nodes in blender node editor and proceed to move them around holding down select mouse button, it only moves a single node under the cursor. This goes pretty much against every node editor i’ve ever used, and even against standard conventions such as selecting and dragging multiple files/folders in both Windows and Linux.

I know hotkey editor in Blender is extremely flexible, and I see some options that may be related to making select and drag move all the selected nodes, not just one under the cursor, but so far I have not been able to figure a right combination to make that happen.

Has anyone successfully done this? Is there possibly a way?

Thank you in advance.

It’s because of how Press takes precedence over other types of action, so you are technically re-selecting, thus moving only one node.
Change the default “Select” keymap from Press to Release or Click.

That’s the only setting you need to change.

Now you’ll keep your selection and move selected. A bit less responsive selection, but you’ll get over it.


If you set “Select” to use Release, you can then have a “Deselect” on Click, so when you click an empty space inside the node editor it deselects your selection, and you’ll still be able to select a node as usual.

Oh hey! Thank you very much, I would not have thought of this. It almost does what I want, but unfortunately, Once I select a singular node, I then lose ability to quickly select and move (Tweak) another node. I first need to select it with mouse cursor being still, and only then start moving, but I guess it’s a fair compromise.

I think that blender should have an option (a global one) to allow Tweak command to move all the selected entities, instead of just the one under the cursor :slight_smile:

Are you aware many of the editing keys work in the node editor?

Box or circle select works.

With several nodes selected you can use ‘G’ to move, even ‘R’ to rotate.

With a vertical stack of nodes selected, use ‘S X 0’ to align them. Similar with horizontal rows and ‘S Y 0’. Spread the selected nodes out with a scale along that axis.

I have done the same thing as you have, but my mind is now trained to just use the G key for moves.

Yes, I am of course, but simple moving of nodes should not be complicated enough to require a key press. I mean, it’s not in other software, so there’s no reason for it to be complicated in Blender :slight_smile: I do realize I can get used to it, but I use many more pieces of software and the muscle memory gets less flexible the older I get, so it’s better to not mess it up if I want to stay productive :slight_smile:

I get it. I struggle between inkscape and blender. Both interfaces make sense to me but, apparently, my mind gets jet lag when I travel between the two.