Make vertices on faces

In Softimage XSI I found a very good tool. With it I can draw vertices, edges on the faces. So with it I can make (for example) demolished building models from original building models. It makes perfect UVs - this is importat, because I work on game models that are demolish in the game.
How can we make this in Blender?
(I know the knife tool in Blender and I can model, so this is an advanced topic.:))

Sorry I don’t have an answer for you.

Being able to split polys and edges and KEEP the uv coords is something that I miss using Blender.

Soft, Maya, Multigen have had this feature for years.

I would pay good money to have this implemented in Blender.

It might be possible to do it in python.

I’m not sure what the scripting would entail though.

endi, one approach I have used a situation similar to this is to make a duplicate of a mesh (after UVs were assigned), subdivide it once or twice, deselect all vertices, then, size and use the ALT-B brush (i.e. ALT-B twice – I know you know the keys but I mention it here for other interested users) to “paint” which vertices/faces/edges (depending on what selection mode you’re in) I wanted to keep (with backfaces hidden to make selection easier).

Inverting the selection allows you to then to delete unwanted vertices/faces/edges afterwards. UVs seem to survive this process, and now mesh selections (P-KEY) can be split off and each separated piece can be given its own object center, which can be handy for rotational animation considerations (e.g. pieces of the whole tumbling away).

While I do not know how it handles UVs, the retopology tool in the Blender SOC Sculpt project might also be something to look into as well.


RobertT: I had no idea you could do this and preserve UV coords. It will help me to wreck some buildings for a project I’m involved with. Thanks!

RoberT, this is not a good method for me.

Usually when you take a closer look at a nice tool like that you find they are just doing several steps at once that can be duplicated in other programs, albeit rather more laboriously. Like subdivide a face and then draw on it with the knife tool? I’m probably missing something here.

I thought blender usually did a pretty good job of maintianing uv when subdividing but my awareness is limited.

For what it’s worth, this was posted by Geoffrey Bantle a couple of days ago

Modified files:
blender/source/blender/include editmesh.h
blender/source/blender/src editmesh_loop.c editmesh_mods.c

-> Vertex support for knife tool

Previously the knife tool only allowed you to cut through edges. This
approach is limited however, since many times you want to cut through
vertices in order to create precise cuts or terminate a cut in a specific
way. Blenders knife tool now supports cutting through vertices as
demonstrated in these pictures:

Since the vertex intersection code is very precise, vertex snapping has
been added to the knife tool to assist the user when they wish to cut
through vertices and can be toggled by pressing and holding the ‘alt’ key.

-Vertex cutting and vertex snapping are only available when using the
‘knife exact’ option.
-Added various fixes to the precision of the knife tool.

Subdividing faces make very much faces. We works on a professional game, and we need professional optimized models.
So we need a tool that makes vertices on the faces with correct UVs. :slight_smile:

You could add some animated bump mapping? Would that do the trick?

Also you could add new meshes in different shape keys and hide the original meshes under them in that shape,
and in the original, the old shape would be hidden under it… but it’s not a very smooth transformation, I guess.

like this:

Any idea? :frowning:

u can cut it as ur own. by pressing “K” for face cut loop :slight_smile:

I used “add point” in C4D quite some times and tried “draw polygon” or what was it’s name in truespace - but didn’t like it whatsoever.

Tools like that would be welcome addition to blender’s “K” dropdown … and if devs would incorporate options like “triangulate, quads only, fgon” - this would be neat indeed …

retopo with the new sculpt tools… though i am not sure how you would transfer uv’s directly but there may be an answer with the new uv modifier that is part of the SoC project…

if not you could always give braybaker a spin since it is designed to make a texture for one model from another. I am guessing you will want “damage state” texture anyway…

i should use more … in my replies…

I know this is kinda off topic…but i have a question…
how do u split polys without triangulating connecting faces???
Just draw an edge and make faces???

that question should be asked in Support -> Modeling, not in this forum/thread…this is not a Support forum (News & Discussion) , please take time to browse our Forum to find the correct place for your questions in the future.



ok, my old topic…
a solution?
I will start to use XSI for this… :frowning:

For mesh geometry you’ll surely need ngons to achieve anything of that nature. Hexagon has a similar feature, probably not what you need. Each subdivision level retains the displacement mapping separately and the maps are applied progressively. Nice, but takes a machine with some muscle.

hm :slight_smile: hm hm

now we have textured edit mode (BeBraw’s Massive Build)
so I think you will see this “make vertices on faces with good UV calculation” is an important thing :slight_smile: