Make when you click on empty space and drag = Control + B

In 3DS Max, you click on an empty space and if you drag from that it would be like Control + B was pressed in Blender.

This is similar behavior in ALL OF WINDOWS and Mac, Lightwave, Maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox, every 3D program that just works.

Anyway on how to make that the default behavior in Blender instead of having to press Control+B for something that if you were selecting file in even just Windows, you would have instinctively done ?

Hey Bracer, long time no see :wink:

Try my custom blender setup for 2.80!
I have that integrated in there! As well as the De-Select on empty-space-click you asked previously.
So far I have the BorderSelect integrated in 3D View, Shader Editor, and UV Editor.
Haven’t done any animation in 2.8, so that’s still waiting to get some love.

There’s some other cool stuff in there that might give you an idea of what else is possible.
Once you figure out what you like in there, you can reverse engineer to start your own custom setup.

Try it!! :rage:

My love [I DO LOVE YOU for that view3d.select_or_deselect_all ring of love you gave me ;p], I am using 2.79B.

I thought it would have been easier to just backup your settings and try my setup than trying to configure BoxSelect on your own. At least you get to try it in a working state. Good thing about blender is it’s super easy to swap all settings, I do that a lot while I’m in the midst of heavy customizations.

Anyway, here’s a thread on how to setup BoxSelect (read the whole thread).

Adding a direct link to the image from this thread