Make Whole Scene Transparent vs Limit Selection to Visible

Hello! I’m trying to migrate to Blender 2.8 but I have run into an obstacle. Over the years I have come to heavily lean on the function Limit Selection to visible. As I understand it has now been replaced with Make whole scene transparent which works quite differently. It’s neither an upgrade nor an downgrade since what it does is just different. Which is a problem since it cannot do what the old function did. It’s especially useless when the geometry is complex and/or when using reference images since transparency combined with background images generates disturbing moire-like raster effects.

Has anyone else found this a problem and have you found a workaround that solves the issues of the changed functionality?

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Hi, if I understand correctly 2.8 use the same shortcut for limit selection to visible, it is Numblock /
Difference is 2.8 render all objects, visible or not.
You have to disable render in Outliner.

Cheers, mib

I am used to switch to wireframe mode.

Selection limited to visible has been coupled with X-ray transparency and there is no workaround if you are interested about selecting what is not in foreground.
You have to enable X-ray option. It is the case by default in wireframe mode.

But there is a workaround for transparency problems, you can set X-ray slider to 1.
At that moment, there is no more moire, nor more transparency. You can see the back of edited mesh. But you don’t see through and no other object of scene is transparent.
So, you can not see reference image through edited mesh as is.

But workbench supports transparency of material through edited mesh.
So, you just have to open Viewport Display panel of material and decrease alpha value of its color.
At that moment, reference image is visible through edited mesh and the other meshes of scene are opaque.

This was a great help. ‘Make whole scene transparent’ + ‘X-ray slider’ at 1 seems to deliver the same experience as the old functionality.
Thanks a lot!