Make workshop "sticky"

Okay in case you don’t know, there is a workshop being run in WIP where several experienced users are helping to teach Blender to noobs. So far I have found it pretty helpful and think that it should be made sticky. Not knowing how to contact mods I decided to make a poll here and if enough people vote yes, then they should notice.

Couldnt you just PM one of the mods and ask them?
The workshop thing is a good idea. I could definatly pick up a few pointers from there.

I think I did, but I’m not sure if it worked :frowning:
I can’t really work out if my PMs are going through

Is your outgoing PM in your Outbox or your Sentbox? If it’s in the Outbox, it hasn’t been read yet. If it’s in the Sentbox, it’s been read.

Great!!! It was made sticky

Uh, since when can guests post messages without being logged in??

Only in this forum, so as to be able to help people who can’t log in.

Thanks, very helpful information.

that seems to be a random russian spammer, the ip are now blocked.

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Irritable Bowel syndrome?
Now, what would that be?

Now we just need the drug one to post again and we’ll have every link we’d ever need!

Dude that spamming must be very irritating for mods huh? It’s like this is the non safe zone from spammers.