Make your Own Caption!

This is a game we play a lot in one of the forums I visit, so I decided to give it a try.

Rules: Very simple! 1) Post a picture. 2) Contestants provide their captions (ideally, one per player) 3) When submissions stop (give it a day), poster picks the one he thinks is funnier; winner restarts at step 1.

So I’ll start by posting the first picture…

“Fuzzy Wuzzy was a sniper…”

cat nappy…

“As he held the gun it cast no shadow”
Revised lyrics from ‘Cast no shadow’ by Oasis

Poor Photoshopping, really poor…

Edit: or, to use the really poor template of so many cat pictures and a lack of good taste:
“I’m in UR book repository, assassinating UR President.”


“Hey, Mr. President!! Oh no, there’s a sniper down there. Alright Lee, time to become an american hero…”

“Gotcha, furballs…”

devil grin

And the PSing isn’t THAT poor.

Sh*t in my catnip patch will ya ?!?

What? I’m supposed to knit with this?


“They shouldn’t leave something like this lying around… Someone could poke their eye out wh… OW! Bollocks!”

“And for my next trick I will push this rifle through a plate glass window. WITHOUT BREAKING IT!” “Oooooooo”:eek:

“Hah, suckers! Can’t prove anything. They’ll be all like ‘OMG it must have been the sponge starfish!’ and I’ll be sipping Pina Coladas off the Mexican coast. Fools!”:ba:

And the Photoshopping really is thatpoor.:yes:


perhaps the artist in question has a life? :eyebrowlift2:

Hah! they are posting modified pictures of cats with guns to the internet and they have a life? :confused:

That’ll be the day!:yes:

They are just sloppy.



you sure are all of a fluster about someone doing a bad job at not having a life. you obviously think you’d be better at it, eh? :confused:

“We is eatin’ squirrel tonight, ma!”

“if i only i had fingers!”

*he cant pull the trigger lol

“haha, the other cats chase birds…not me!”

“Ooo yea, take em’ all of yea, naughty girl”

*maybe a bit far…what is that star cushing hiding lol haha

“Gee, I love playin with my Nintendo SNES Rifle…”

and the PSing is not that bad… :expressionless:

Fluffy had finally had it with his owners putting stupid outfits on him. He was tired of having to sleep outside. He was tired of people insisting that he chase and kill mouse after mouse. As much as it hurt, he knew what he had to do…

I don’t think.
I know.



Old one "I have a gun so ill shut you! Eh huh where are the bullets ?!" Hard one "Wha that little things (humans around next block ) looks like mices so Im hungry !!!
Soft one “Ah no bullets left ! Can I trow the star ?” :)))

ajc158 ssht! the cat is angry do not` upset on you!!! Put one target behind your ass :smiley: to be ready :)))

Kidding :slight_smile:

Just fill the thing :smiley: no critics :slight_smile: this is an relaxing tread

Put me in a f*cking bathtub, eh.

(N.B. Assuming cat is Canadian)