Can I make an object a ghost in realtime?
suspendDynamics() for a single object?

why would you want to do that?

I have a simulated parent, with one object copying location and orientation of an empty, so I can turn the parent ON of OFF.

With normal parent, the parent and child ignore eachother’s physics. This is what I want

And you want to suspend the dynamics of the child, then?
Why don’t you have a script, “on”, which runs under a certain condition?
If condition true, run on(on copies location)
Otherwise, it will do nothing, and the child will stay in the same place while the parent moves.

EDIT nevermind, you mean you want to make it so the child can’t collide with the parent? What is your situation, exactly?

Game charactor picks up object (Suzanne). Object copys location of empty on players sholder. colision. player whacked through floor. object blown sky high.

just make it a ghost in the first place… You don’t need it to be dynamic.

But than when you throw it, it dosn’t fall, and it cant knock things over.

Hmm… Well… you want to make it a ghost in realtime, so it doesn’t restitute collisions until you throw it? You could just use: (Where object is your object)

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
Object = cont.getOwner()

I think that should work.