MakeHuman 0.8 OBJfile + Making Armature for posing

I am pretty new at this, so bear with me…

I am trying to create a female character, and I used MakeHuman 0.8 demo or whatever (the stand-alone MakeHuman) to create her as close to how I could get to how i wanted, and exported to OBJ

I imported that OBJ into an empty scene in Blender 2.40, but now I’m lost on how to make the skeletal system. Reading the tutorials talk about rigs and envelopes and stuff and all I know how to do so far is make a linear chain of armatures.

I tried to download MakeHuman 1.8b or whatever for Blender itself, but the script fails to run properly (asks for body.mesh, i load it-- says script error check console… and says something about Morph not being found or something…) So I can’t use the rig that comes with that…

So I honestly do not know how to pose my model… and I still have to give her clothing and hair! ; ;

Can anyone help me out? is it possible to load the armature data from 1.8 into the imported OBJ model? My AIM is “Lazureus”, MSN is [email protected], email is [email protected] if you want to contact me more directly.

I appreciate any input on the matter.

You can Append (Shft-F1) the Armature from 1.08b’s .blend file from the OBJECT library.

You might find it easier though to use 1.08b. You need to download “TargetLibrary” file from the same place you got the file. See this thread (and search here for MakeHuman):