MakeHuman 1.0.0 alpha2 ready.

The Alpha 2 release of MakeHuman1.0 is now available for download!

A very quick video about some important new features (sliders, tetrawidget results, and overall, mouseover selection):



Hi, thanks for this new reply !

Is it possible to export in .obj ? I have tried but don’t success…


don’t know why, but for me in alpha 1 pressing e-key exported fine…

but I suppose, they did mention in the docs that its experimental,
hence the obscure way of exporting…

Do you know where I can get Alpha 1?

Manuel, the mouse pointer should become an arrow all the time except when you’re applying attributes to a particullary area, a big rounder pointer is confussing, try to make the gui cleaner, check for example Blender or any other 3d app, they try to avoid big arrows, big menus, and big icons to make the interface looks cleaner.

e key

then look in the makehuman folder (I mean the folder with makehuman.exe): export.obj, export.mtl and eport.bvh will be there.
The function is hidden because experimental, but you can use it 90% safety.



sweet news, time to update my svn build :smiley:

Thanks for all your work manuel :smiley:

Hello and thanks for your answer :slight_smile: The export in .obj works well !

In a future version, would it be possible to put a photo behind the model ? It will be very usefull for me to have possibility to see the model in x-ray with a photo behind. :slight_smile: To modelize a character with a reference behind !

Thanks a lot for your work, it’s amazing !

Well that helps

Manuel, this is an amazing development! Bravo!

Well, we are already working on alpha3. The tetrawidget results can be improved a lot, to have much more professional results.

Stay tuned.

The source is released, has anyone compiled it for ubuntu 9.04. I tried looking up how but can’t get my head around it…

Probably we release a bugfix version alpha2b, because alpha2a mixer is not perfect, or directly a alpha3 (we are working very hard).

in the mean time I figured out how to build, here is a link for Ubuntu (and possibly other Linux) users

The tool is already pretty usable for me. A reasonable export is my top wish for that project!
You’re already behind the point where that makes sense. It’s better.
I think the obj export is already pretty nice. But what I still need are bones. The thing is: in the imported OBJ I can see already some polys where the bones should be. But what I would like are of course already created and linked bones. Bones which are correctly linked to the polys. And have some reasonable constraints for humans (head turn < 180° - or are you an owl?).
Can’t you export into a Blender file?
IIRC Makehuman originated as a Blender project, and the Blender file format is open source.

A .blend exporter would be a great addition. Its probably possible for a scripter to do if the MH team isn’t interested

It could even be possible in the future to integrate or use as a plug-in in a game engine and have people be created randomly on the fly as the character moves through the crowd

The E shortcut doesn’t seem to work for mac…

exporting is broken for mac :confused: tried the alpha yesterday.

have you tried alpha 3?