MakeHuman 1.0.0 released!

After many years of development, MakeHuman 1.0.0 is released.
You can find the downloads at In the next few days we will publish more details about the new features, but here are the highlights:

Congratulations for your work !
Time to give another look to Makehuman, it’s been a long time since i tried it.

kudos! You’ve consistently kept pushing this software further and further. Maybe one day it will catch up with DAZ and Poser. :slight_smile:

Thank you Manuel. I just installed MakeHuman 1.0.0 on my pc running Ubuntu 12.04. It installed and runs flawless.

Makehuman is a fantastic project - thanks a lot

thats your 666th post haha

Congrats and huge thanks!

Thank you for your continuous dedication to MH. It’s my hope other talented artists will continue expand the clothing options and other libraries.

I’ve been waiting for this release. Congrats!

Thanks for your work and congratulations. I use MH a lot, but mainly for small people… If you look closely…


i using ubuntu 13.10 and installed Make Human 1 Alpha 8 RC1, how can i completly unistall that one.

Looks great, i just have one question. When i tried to make a human, and imported it to blender, i get completely black eyes. The skin texture works fine, and everything looks like it should be working. The material preview shows an eye, etc. But rendered, or in texture mode, the eyes are pitch black. What am i doing wrong?

Which renderer? My guess is that the eye has a transparent mesh wrapped around it and that mesh is casting a shadow on the actual eye mesh. I’ve run into this before using ambient occlusion. The fix is reduce the influence of AO on those two meshes (you probably only need to do it to one, but I always forget which one).

I switched over to cycles, i’ll check if there’s another hidden mesh there!

Yes, you were right, there was a mesh covering the eye, thanks for the help! =)

Thank you very much, Manuel and the whole MH team, for all the huge effort you put into this fine software.

Gongratz Manuel!! It took a long time to get here, so all the more respect for your longterm commitment!

I just used it for my first time in a LOONG time. Wonderful improvement!! clothing options, good deformation and WONDERFUL INTEGRATION with rigify!!! Absolutely wonderful!!

DAZ products (objects created by DAZ) may not be used commercially, unless you modify and render them yourself.

DAZ objects created by third parties (figures and other products that DAZ resells but doesn’t create) may not be used commercially at all unless you have permission directly from said third parties. (I asked DAZ and this is what they told me.)

Makehuman, on the other hand, is free to use commercially…

cool cool! and congrats on hitting v1 release!