MakeHuman 1.0.1 released!

The MakeHuman 1.0.1 release is proudly brought to you by a team of dedicated artists, developers, writers, researchers through the support of an ever-expanding global community.

<Nevermind>Page for 1.0.1 seems to be down, although the usual 1.0.0 seems to work.</Nevermind>
Seems to work ok now. Think my browser acted up for a while there, as nothing there worked but everything else did. Looks very interesting, didn’t know about this one.

Do you mean this page?

It works for me.

Page works for me and great to see the project still alive and kicking. MakeHuman is still my go to base when starting a new sculpt for human(ish) characters. It has some minor flaws, but it’s still one of the best out there outside the commercial Poser figures (and let’s face it, they’re just the hook for DAZ’s clothing & pose market).

Cool. I’ll check it out when I get home this evening.

The makehuman devs are really fast. Liking the improvements.
But still, personally, i find alpha 7 to be a lot more useful.

Keep up the good work!

Yea… I must agree Khalibloo… they really need to find a way to get facial expressions back as quickly as possible.

Oh my, i hadn’t even realised that facial expressions were removed! Whenever i decide to give the new mesh a chance, something always pushes me away before i even get to testing the expressions. sometimes it’s the topology, sometimes the weird pose (when forced into a t-pose, it still looks unnatural), sometimes the rig…

That said, there are a lot of things about the new makehuman that i find mouth-watering. the modularity of it all (eyes, eyelashes, teeth, etc), the new ui, the cloth-fitting seems to be a lot better as well.

they’ll get there… that’s for sure! it’s a very useful tool. it has saved me countless hours of work even though i only use it as a digital wardrobe.

Hey, I am sure you all saw this on BN , but someone posted a really good render that was done using MH, you should get it into the MH gallery if possible,

Take a look at this faceshift demo!

this is really interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Facial Expressions seem to be back in the nightly! And some new/improved clothes will be added:

Thanks for the update, i’ve just discovered this application and am playing around with it. Nice to have it with all the toys in it.

Slight bump, just noticed this on the makehuman blog :

looks great, do the new poses import to Blender?

It’s been a couple of years i have not toyed with Makehuman, but looking on their website, i ran into their “pose” assets and it looks like they’re motion capture files ( BVH format ) :

And so they can be imported into Blender

though the rest pose is not a classic T-pose :

What i don’t know is if they’re planned to allow the user to create their own pose in Makehuman (like the user can do in poser/daz) , as the video seems to hint only at preloaded poses (the bvh file up there), or if like in the past, the user will have to use other program (like Blender as shown here ) to pose their generated characters.

hopefully they will do a function to import with poses.