MakeHuman 1.8 B

This version have fixed some little problems in the GUI, plus 2 new features:
-The load/save slider status (body setting), in the file menu
-The reset all, in the edit menu.

hey, thanks. it is helpful!

Thanks Manuel, I’ve been using the first version of 1.8 recently and I have a couple of questions.

When using the auto UV function, the UV co-ords are the same whether the base mesh is modified or not.

Am I wrong in thinking they should change depending on the shape of the mesh? I realise that the verts are in different locations but I thought the UV’s would be moved to where the new vert positions are.

The new interface is excellent, makes things so much easier. :smiley:



Does the script crash on anyone else when they select Auto VGroups?

Yes, it’s OK. The UV coord is independent from mesh topology

Does the script crash on anyone else when they select Auto VGroups?

if you forget to do auto Vgroups before parenting, it will freeze blender.
I don’t know other bugs about Vgroups…

Hey Manuel… who’s working on the BVH import/export code for MakeHuman?.. how’s the progress coming… I have over 200+ BVH files if you need em…

The progress of MakeHuman is coming along great… It already blows away Poser’s morphing targets… This will be one hell of an addition to Blender once you get BVH incorporated in it… :smiley:


Michael Schardt has working on BVH and armature. I’m working on an “armature alternative” with limbs collision. Stay tuned, I should put online a brief article in 3-4 hours…



Got it fixed. Turned out that in order to use the vertex groups you had to have 2.32, and I had 2.30.

However, I am having other troubles with it. I have it set to default to MH 1.8b, and sometimes when I clear it to restart on a character the sliders won’t do anything. The numbers go up, but the features won’t change. I usually have to restart Blender to fix it. Has that bug been documented yet?

This is not MH bug. The problem is the value of slider remain
in Blender memory even if you quit the script.

So, if you run Blender, and use the script the first time,
and you shut mouth using 1.0 it’s OK. But
if you exit the script, and, without restart Blender,
run MH again, the initial value for shut mouth is (internally) again 1.0, not 0.0 (as you seen on the slider)!!!
So you must use 2.0 to have the expected effect, becaues 1.0,
the second time is like 0.0 of first time…