MakeHuman 2.0 pre alpha: 14 nov 2004

14 Nov 2004: the first MakeHuman 2.0 pre-alpha will be out !!! The roadmap for pre-alpha, alpha and beta is here:

This is the last interface preview:

If you appreciate makehuman, please vote it in the “open source contest”.
To vote is easy and free, and the osc prize should be a great help to future mh development. A very quick tutorial about “how to vote” is here:

We wrote it because the pages of contest are italian…

Please support makehuman!!!

Voted :wink: Thanks for such an ambitious development. It’s going to be a huge addition to Blender suite.

Voted :slight_smile:
Thanks for your hard work with MH. It’s great.

But “Hydrogen” have double of MH!

166 views here, 80 in…only 6-7 votes!

This mean our effort isn’t appreciate :frowning: :frowning:
Please, tell me this is not real!

Please guys, help! We need your support!

We need help of all Blender Community!!
MH will be free forever, and the development is very hard!
A lot of work is needed: FACS, bvh, hair, skin, sync…

Got my vote! The new features and interface look great!

Good Luck!

— Elubie

Voted here too…
MH is fantastic!! Thanks for all the hard work!!

Kha :smiley:

I was vote number 40 for MH. I’ve only used MH a short while, but it is absolutely awesome!


Great work! You got my vote!!!

Guys please vote! thx!



51 MakeHuman to 57 Hydrogen…
We’re catching up…

Over 350 views and only 7 votes here…
Why? :frowning:

The vote is free, and take only five minutes.
When I code MH, some days I work even 10-12 hours (in istance this weekend…).
And I’m not alone: other 2 coders work hard on it, and other work when have free time…
Of course, I love coding, and I don’t demand you use some hours of your time for MH project… but…5 minutes…

Why?? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Manuel: I’m voting!
But could you explain what the Cognome (second name) thing means?
Is that like… an alias? Like “paroneayea”?

PS: WOW! The new interface looks GREAT!
Huge hugs! :smiley:

edit Also, next to city, there’s a drop down menu… but I don’t see the united states on there… what should I do??

Just voted…go MakeHuman…

The MakeHuman is gonna rock, can’t wait… :stuck_out_tongue: Thanx for putting so much hours coding it, and yo we do appreciate your efforts…keep it up!!!

I voted… CMON JUST VOTE… I can even read what that crap said I just folowed the tut and put in the code then hit VOTE!!!

Example, using my name:
first name: Manuel
second name: Bastioni

About city…
Because is not present international field, I think you can use a city you prefer…

Could you give me a choice which I could fill in for the drop down menu and the city? I don’t know of any relevant to fill in.

Ah, putting in Paris and PA worked…
Though I don’t think that was legit :wink:

Voted! I’ll try to see if I can get my friends to vote too… my girlfriend’s mom is actually planning on using makehuman as a reference model for the artwork she does in her small graphics art business.

(If you’ve ever played the game Cranium, she did the graphic design for it.)

Voted, but I had a little touble getting to the right voting page. There was an extra link to follow from the page that you linked too, unless i just didn’t read your instructions right.

But anyways, I did finally vote for MH