MakeHuman 2 video tutorial?

Hey Everyone,

I’m very excited about the latest version of blender, and have just recently reached that mystical kung fu state of actually understanding how to use the interface - largely due to all of the great video tutorials that people have made for blender lately.

I’m also very excited about the new makeHuman release, unfortunately like my first couple of years in blender I can’t figure out how to get started. I’ve read the quickstart for 1.8 and got it to work, but I still don’t really know what all the bits and pieces in the interface are.

I’m sure someone who knew how to use it would be able to put together a character very quickly, if that person is you, it would be really really cool if you put together a quick and rough video tutorial showing everyone the general workflow in makeHuman. Even better would be if it included the new outliner support in 2.35…

A thought just occurred to me too, I’ve noticed messages asking everyone to vote for makeHuman in an open source competition, a video tute would make makeHuman much more accessible to many more people, and I reckon that would have to help boost the votes for it in the competition…

and have just recently reached that mystical kung fu state of actually understanding how to use the interface

You have done well, young grasshopper :wink:



Hey Fligh,

That’s the quickstart for 1.8 that I was talking about in my first post. I have actually tracked down a (brief) video demonstrating how to adjust the base character shape. I’m going to try using the rigging stuff from the quickstart above to get the character animated - I’ll let you know how I go.

P.S. I’ve uploaded the video to the following url because I can’t find it anywhere on dedalo or the blender projects site. I’ll leave it up there until my website suddenly dissapears into a bandwidth black hole :wink:

(Please right click and save the video to your computer in case bandwidth does actually become a problem - thanks)

From what I understand, MH 2.0 is a pre-alpha release. It is mainly a test of the UI. The Alpha version is supposed to have all the available targets, and the basics of the new armatureless animation system (tentative release the first of December). The Beta version sounds quite exciting with the implementation of BVH motion capture (release around the twenty-third of December).

I’ll be looking forward to that :slight_smile:

I have to say, I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve seen of make human. Two suggestions I have from what I’ve seen:

1 - semi transparent hoopy things (they can get in the way a bit)
2 - some sort of slider that lets you drag the settings and see the morph changing in real time (this may not be possible in python…)

I reckon the ultimate combo would be makeHuman, Fiber3, and Topix Cloth (is it even possible to get topic cloth going with 2.35?) We could call it bloser (chortle chortle).

For your ideas to have a MH audiance, you should join and post them here:

As for cloth, I believe that is in the works for a future version of MakeHuman.