Makehuman character in Blender Cycles

I’m sure I’m not the only person to have run into this mess: I would like to create humans in Makehuman, bring them into Blender and do all the posing etc etc, and render the whole mess in Cycles. Alas, Makehuman does really beautiful work with the original Blender Render but is totally un-textured for Cycles.

Being mostly a newbie (yes, I’m learning by jumping into the very deep end of the pool!) of course I have some questions: Is there an elegant way to simply apply the MHX image textures in Cycles? I can get the skin to work decently, hair follows with a little tweaking, but I cannot for the life of me get the eyebrows and lashes and especially eyeballs to work at all. As far as I know MH exports a single image to be textured onto everything and if my newbie radar is reading it right, the UVs just ain’t right. Which disagrees with my understanding of how the Blender Renderer handles it…it should be the same, right?

So…how do I do the MH skin “right” in Cycles? Hair and brows/lashes? And how do I get the eyes to work at all? Is there a quickie script somewhere I can just push the big red button on? A template? Or will I have to manually massage everything for every model?

Many thanks in advance,

Fought with this thing for over a month, just couldn’t make it work…remembered something I’d seen a while back about another skin texture and using the alpha from the texture into a mix node with transparency…poof. Who’d have thought an eyeball needed transparency? Ah well.

For anyone stuck here, I leave this in hopes it may be useful.

Thanks though I am having problems getting the lighting right. Any way thanks for leaving this.

Edit: If you want a blend with all of the makehuman cycles materials you can just append from, pm me.