MakeHuman Export/Append----MakeHead.

I recently downloaded and tried Manuals MakeHead script. I had used this years ago and found a need for it again. I know it has been replaced by his MakeHuman script. My question is this. How do you join the various parts of the mesh so you can use them in the game engine or another blend.

When I tired to join the three parts of a makehead mesh(after finding out what layers they were on), with CTRL-J I got an error that said "Function not possible with vertex keys) so I went to and ipo window this a part of the mesh selected and it had about 20 vertex keys. I know these were there to provide the morphing of the head. But now that I have done all the adjustments to get the head the way I want I want to just save the head so that I can Shift-f1 it into another blend.

Having to go thru and manually delete all the vertex keys for all three parts is going to be tedious. That problem would be magnified with all the morph groups that are in the MakeHuman base mesh. Which I assume uses the same procedure of using morph targets.

Is there an easier way?