MakeHuman eyes are rendering black

I had this same problem in an earlier version, but it was easily fixed by changing the shadow settings in materials. It may have been something to do with AO too. Anyway, I can’t seem to fix it in recent versions. Using the latest of MH and also Blender. Any help appreciated.
Using Cycles ( is easily fixed in evee )

Can you post a screenshot of your eye material nodes?

Well that’s quite odd, nothing really seems out of place. I suppose we know brown_eye.png must be a proper file since it works in Eevee. Have you tried adding a mapping/texture coordinate, or UVmap node into the vector slot?

If that doesn’t work, perhaps create a new material, and plug your image texture into that one.
And if that doesn’t work, perhaps check the normals on the eye itself.

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I already tried flipping the normals, but I’ll try the other stuff. When I fixed the evee one, I did so from the properties/materials settings, which are different for evee and cycles. Thanks for the help.

I think I had this same thing happen. Not sure if/how I fixed it. What file format did you use? I just tried it with Collada. Same problem as you. Alpha blend fixes it in EEVEE, but cycles is dark brown where it should be white (you can still see the pupils).

Also collada. There were also issues with the armature, but less so than other formats. And I haven’t installed the MH to blender script yet but that may be a solution.

Knowing Manuel, he will probably notice this thread, and set us in the right direction.

I just tried a binary FBX import and cycles worked without even the Alpha Blend.

I tried FBX but there was a little problem with the armature:

I haven’t tried it with armatures yet. Is there any way to use a different format for the armature, or are the weights all tied to it?

It’s all weighted, but I’ve made a custom rig for one before and it worked pretty well.