MakeHuman eyes gloss over after join

I’m just experimenting with facial motion capture using Blender, MakeHuman, Faceit and facemotion3d.
I got it all working, but for facemotion3d to work I needed to, as far as I can figure, join the eyes, teeth, eyebrows and head into one mesh so they all can react to the same shape keys from facemotion3d. Problem is when I join the eyes and eyebrows to the head the eyes “gloss over” . (see image).

Any idea how to fix that? If I join the eye but not the eyebrows the eyes are ok.
The full model is at:


Somehow when you joined it lost the transparency as well as the shader for the Cornea…in edit mode, you can go in and select the outer surface, and still in edit mode select the shader and add a new shader, and assign it to the selection…
It still has some problems with the eyes…but after all, is joined it makes things difficult.

Textures weren’t included so just add some color to stuff…

I notice when I import the MakeHuman model to Blender, either as FBX or using the plugin, the cornea is not a separate material. Even before the join. I tried separating them and putting a Transparent BSDF as the cornea material. It’s better but not really transparent still. Hm…

Ha, I found another way to solve my problem.
If I add a keyframe to each of the shape keys for the eyes I can then copy keyframes from body to eyes and don’t have to do the join.
I little tedious creating each of the key frames (at frame 0) just so I can copy over them, but paste doesn’t work if there are no keyframes there.