MakeHuman GUI preview 1.7 (UPDATE 1.8)

MakeHuman 1.7 GUI almost ready! This is a screenshot.

Whoa that looks awesome! [!]


Manuel, I think the slider system is easier to use than the method the last release used using text entries.

Splendid news, can’t wait.


Wow, that’s going to be much easier to use. Good work!!

Very good work, Manuel!


Bye bye poser!

I know it may seem strange to some but, I am really starting to feel proud of Blender and the community involved in its creation, and even more so when inovations such as this come along, can’t wait Manuel thanks :smiley: .


Much better interface. Much more intuitive for novices

Will this GUI be included with Make Human? Or wil we have to download the GUI sepperately?

It looks great, but I’d prefer the first option.


Will it be loadable from the ‘scrits in menus’ thing?

This is the GUI of new MakeHuman. The console, with some mofication, will be available for advanced users (creation of new models, test of new function, etc…) but when you start MH you have this GUI.

hmm im inpatient :stuck_out_tongue: any news on the next version?

thanks for the great work

How will we apply values >1 and <0? Will SHIFT-click still work for sliders?

More morphs would be appreciated, too.

sniffs hash pipe and how about auto-armature?

Good news about auto armature: thanks to Michael Schardt, the vertexgroup import-export is almost ready. Now we must solve some problems about the creation of armature from file.

any idea of when 1.7 will be out?

Thanks to Craig Smith and Michael Schardt, it’s possible we release directly the 1.8…

Only I can’t tell a date, because we have some strange bugs (can be Blender bug and not MH bug) to investigate. I think 3 weeks - 1 month.

Ah…about the new targets creation: modellers wanted!

1 month!!!
(suicide silence)

:wink: Take your time guys, we really appreciate your work!

I can post the 1.7 with new GUI in 2 weeks, but because we have already done the features planned for 1.8 ( GUI, AutoUV, AutoRigging), I think is better complete , test and integrate all in one version.

What you think? I want release a stable version; because we have a great changes in next release, we must do a lot of extra-work.

Furthermore, a new ideas is coming…




by all means, take your time!
We can wait… After all, we’ve been waiting for the manual for the last 2 months with minimal complaining :-? If GUI, AutoUV and Autorigging are included, it’ll be worth the wait.

Just feed us a screenshot of the new work every week or so and we’ll be happy in our anticipation. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, oooh the excitment of waiting :smiley: , UV, auto riging, that gui, fantastic mate. Great work sometimes takes a bit of time.