MakeHuman help!

(ZeldaQueen) #1

Hi! I recently downloaded MakeHuman from here:
I am able to make changes to the figure with the program, however I am unable to render, save, load, or create hair or clothes. I understand that I cannot render because I don’t have Aqusis, but I’m not sure why I can’t save or load. Whenever I click the save button, it says:

>> sbs
Save Bodysettings file (*.bs)
>> C:\Documents and Setting\Administrator\My Documents\makehuman/mybs/ok/
I looked there after, but nothing was in that file. How do you save stuff in there? :confused:
Also, I’m not sure, but I think I need another program to put in hair, clothes, and accessories. If anyone knows of a good program for that, please let me know.
Thanks a bunch!


(Mmph!) #2

that is the save window

after the:
“C:\Documents and Setting\Administrator\My Documents\makehuman/mybs/ok/”
just type your filename with a “.OBJ” at the end of it like this:
C:\Documents and Setting\Administrator\My Documents\makehuman/mybs/ok/COOLDUDE.obj

to find the file look in you Mydocumants folder under makehuman then mybs folder then the OK folder… you should see you model there.

hope that helps :smiley:


(ZeldaQueen) #3

Oh, okay, that helps! :yes:
Any idea about the hair or clothes? There’s a button at the top of the MakeHuman screen that says “Clothes” and another that says “Hairs”, but neither do anything when I click on them.


(Enjay) #4

they’re not ready yet, uh… they havnt been made yet. those are just a preview of whats to come.


(Mmph!) #5

yea ! what he said ^^^

Look in the MH forums, In the past they released some beta stuff early for people who want to test for them.


(ZeldaQueen) #6

Aw, nuts. Alrighty, I’ll check out the forums. Thanks for the help!