MakeHuman is online!

(Manuel) #1

MAKEHUMAN for Blender is online!

This is a testing version with no really useful

The aim of MakeHuman is to allow the quick and easy modeling of humanoid 3d models
while keeping the model as realistic as possible.

The method chosen to accomplish this task is that of Additive Morphing
which allows for the easy addition of a variety of parameters to MakeHuman.

The morph targets are modeled from careful observation of medical
texts and anatomy references for artists. For example, intended morph targets
can represent the various physical aging effects of males and females, the various
ways in which body mass (fat) accumulates around the body, the different body
and physique types as classified by William Sheldon, the distribution of veins along
the body, and so on and so forth.

Happy New Year!

      MakeHuman team

(wolfmanyoda) #2

I can’t wait to get home and try it out! (i’m at work now)

(Enzoblue) #3

How come the pic above had Male and Female options but the one I d/l’ed doesnt?

Also my icon’s don’t show that cool, they’re just blobs.

(Manuel) #4

Can you tell me your OS, and can you write
a list of all *.tga in MHlib that you are using?

It seem you are using an old (yesterday :wink: )
version of MHlib. Re-download it, and tell me
the result…

(neighborlee) #5

[quote=“Manuel”]MAKEHUMAN for Blender is online!

This is a testing version with no really useful

I can’t get it to download.anyone else?..might be my connection dunno just verifying :slight_smile:


(SHABA1) #6

Well Manuel. I went to the site and started looking around. After looking at about three different pages I got a 425 error and it never came back up.

(ilac) #7

The site and download are both working fine for me.

(mthoenes) #8

This is really cool…
I downloaded the and the, and it worked well,

I am using Windows 2000 Pro, 128 MB Ram, 600MHZ Pentium, Geforce4 Ti4600.

I did have an occasional quirk but cannot identify specific reasons yet.
One time the model disappeared when I clicked on the Male Head button,
A couple times I could not get the subfolders to open with a right click.

Fantastic Work, a phenomenal addition to Blender.
I particularly liked applying a Negative value for Dwarf - Got a really tall and skinny person.

(kino) #9

Hi SHABA1, are you using a firewall or proxy?

neighborlee if you have problem to connect we can provide a mirror

please let me know, we wish to reach all the blenderhead



(ilac) #10

regarding dissapearing mesh: Did you have sub-surfs switched on when this happened? Meshs tend to ‘disapear’ when they have been altered by a script while they have sub-surfs on. I would suspect this happens because the script is altering the control cage of the sub-surf, whereas out of edit-mode you are seeing the sub-surfed mesh and not the control cage, so the sub-surf disappears till it is recalculated. Try working without sub-surfs on while applying morphs.

Regarding problem 2: Did you resize the Gui window? The focus seems to remain in the original position of the icons/buttons even though, visually, they have moved. You can confirm this by clicking where the icons where before you resized the window. Try to resize the text buffer window before activating the script. I had noticed this bug earlier but forgot to point it out to Manuel! In other words ATN: Manuel: Bug in the GUI! :wink:


(SHABA1) #11

Manuel I finally did get all the zip files. If I could make one suggestion. When you write the documentation have someone that has just started with blender read it. This is an outstanding contribution to blender. But as I was reading the site. I found that there were very many things that I did not understand. In other words it looks like you and your team are doing the same thing that most blender and most computer developers in general seem to do. You understand the program becasue you wrote it. That give you a level of knowledge beyond a lot of people that might want to use you program.

With that level of knowledge you then assumse that some things are obvious becasue they are obvious to you. In other word you to not write the documentation from the perspective of a person that knows nothing about your program or the problem that it addresses.

It gets very frustrating at times for beginners and even for people like me that have been using blender for over a year but still have trouble trying to deduce what the manual is saying. :slight_smile:

(kino) #12

The MHdoc is for developer this is just the output of happydoc

to use the script go to Quick Start


edit : which version you have downloaded?
at the moment ther’s only the italian version

(ilac) #13

Sorry about that! There isn’t anything technical yet so I’m not quite sure what you’re having problems with. The ‘Quick Start’ in particular should be relatively straight forward! :-?

If those of you with problems making heads or tails of the info can point out and give some examples of what’s troubling you we’ll do our best to make the necessary changes. It would be rather unfortunate to have so much work go to waste! :wink:


(SHABA1) #14

Kino let me say that I really do appreciate all the work that you and Manuel and all the others put into this. Its a great addition to blender.

The point I was trying to make was not just to you and Manuel but it is something that I notice throughout the computer industy. I was just adding in my comments in hope that they would be thought about as you write documentation for the script.

Here is and example. When Manuel first posted his annoucement he said

“The method chosen to accomplish this task is that of Additive Morphing”

Thats great what what is Additive Morphing. ??? You might as well be speaking about greek cooking for all that I know of that term

“The morph targets are modeled from careful observation of medical
texts …”

Same thing here “morph targets” what is that.???

The point I am trying to make (and this is not directed at Manuel I see this same thing all the time in the IT industry) is that you know what these terms are but someone just starting out or maybe getting confused as I am does not.

(kino) #15

This is just my point of view and not of the MH team

I agree with you ( 50% :slight_smile: ) some term are difficult to understand,
but this is not the place for this topic this is a
thecnical/professional forum of python developer, what you espect?
The script is in Alpha .
The target of the script is advanced user for now :wink: , this is clear, no?

I have modified some part the site and advised Manuel,
i hope is more clear now , write me your suggestion please
in the next day we try to rewrite in some part the doc
We have a forum for all question related to the MH project
you dont need to register to post.

Ciao :slight_smile:


(Manuel) #16

Hi Shaba!
The documentation is under development, and because the script
is an alpha version, we are working on the code, and the documentation have a little priority.
However, after your post, we are thinkig about a glossary section.

The morphing technique is an old, consolitaded method used in 2D
and 3D, to create a transition object between a starting object
and a final (target) object. If you make a little search with Google,
you can see a lot of literature.


      Manuel Bastioni