MakeHuman,LSCM and UV mapping

I posted this on the MakeHuman forum but did not get and answer. So I thought I would try here.

Has anyone tried LSCM mapping on and imported MH mesh in blender? I tried LSCM on one of my own created meshes long ago. I was not very sucessful but I KNOW it was not blender but how I modeled the mesh. In any case. I like how LCSM works but it seems to me that if you do not have continous loops on your mesh where you can do s Shift-R to select the loop and then CTRL-E to make the seam, that LSCM is just too damn hard.

Looking an imported MH mesh, its mostly triangles, not real edges that go in a loop that would make obivous candidates for seams. Is this just me or am I not seeing something


this applies to the NEW MakeHuman 0.8 beta Released 21 November 2005


which makehuman mesh - the new one is much better topology…