Makehuman model is bent over when load and retargeting

I’m using makewalk for blender and the characters are bent over when I hit load and retarget using bvh files. It does not seem to matter what bvh file or edition I use. Any solutions?

This is pretty simple…

Select the rig. In object mode press alt-r (unrotate)
Then go into pose mode
press alt-r and then alt-g (ungrab)

That should fix it.

That puts the model in a t-pose laying flat on the floor. and the model is still bent over for the rest of the animation. I’m using a makehuman model with cmu skeleton. Makewalk and blender 2.78. I exported the fbx makehuman model with cmu mb skeleton and inch mesurment enabled. Imported into blender. Clicked load and retarget and selected a bvh file from cmu mellion university site. then my model is bent over.