MakeHuman news (MHrigging system)

Finally, after 3 months of work and over 400 tests, thanks to Z0Newton, a prototype of the new rigging system of MakeHuman is ready. These are two quick experiments on the shoulder articulation: of course a lot of details must be improved, but it seem the right way to obtain a realistic pose.

Download avi divx from here:

good to see you still active with mh (after the announcement you made)
I already have seen this on .org. you said something that all this is python based, no armature used. :-? ? what?

In the announcement I simply tell that now I’m not responsible and coordinator of makehuman project. Now the code is maintained by Z0Newton, because I’m very busy. He’s an excellent developer (but very modest…), so I’ve decided to reward him moving to him the copyright of project…

In few words, now MH is a Z0Newton’s project, not Manuel’s project…and is a unofficial site of Makehuman…

There are some problems to use AUTOMATICALLY the Blender armature with MH mesh. So the new rigging system is totally rewrited in python. This mean autocalibration and autorigging with one click…

Take a look here:

Have you been thinking about some skin-sliding method? I think this would be possible with the field option in softbodies imported from instinctive blender. look at the shrink-wrap plugin in softimage-xsi, it works the same way. all is explained on this page:

It woud bo cool tp pair this up with the BVH importer.

No the MH system is totally different. It’s not so flexible: you must specify each muscolar groups and his pivot point. The calibration actually is very hard. Of course, with some effort can be develop a “stand alone” script only to use this rigging…but actually the target is limitated only to MH mesh.