blocked by norton ?

hi just about 2 days ago i was on the site and it worked normal today i go there again and get this from norton when entering website

well think about it. makehuman makes humans, right? And it’s humans write javascript and create viruses. Norton is only being pre-emptive. In fact, since the web spreads viruses, we should shut it down. Maybe that’s why the Americans want to pass that bill that would give them the authority to shut it down.

no one will shut down the internet…silly, I’m sure we/they just want to control it.

Something IS a foot there though. both clamwin and avast showed there to be a trojan and would not let me enter the site without disabling them both(stupid me)…so far(SO FAR)all is fine on my system though.

I tought that Norton is bankrupted long time ago :confused:

mo norton bought mccafee who was in trouble. but man seems to have cleared out what ever was throwing out the warning so it should be safe and accable now. avast let me to the sight.

Confirmed, I’m glad…it is horrible when good people get a bad wrap from having a virus, like they are trying to hack your cpu or something…glad it is sorted out.

stop using norton …it welcomes viruses into your pc and causes your pc to be really slow . kaspersky ftw !

Apparently both the MH site and 3dsk has been attacked. What I find interesting though, is that this happened now just a couple of days after one of the MH videos on youtube was removed because of a complaint claiming it to be offensive… The anti-nipple war is on I guess. :eek:

I talked to Manuel earlier, and he says; " a malicius code was added on all index.* of makehuman site. It was a troyan that has “infected” the PC of our users.
The infection is very low, because it’s just a portion of code into the cached html
but it’s sufficient to warn all our users"
He was working yesterday to resolve the issue, and hopefully things should be back to normal now. Please give some feedback if there still are problems.

“Anyway tell them it was not a dangerous virus. Cleaning the cache will remove it.
it was just an hacker attack probably similar to one to”