Makehuman parenting problem.

How to set up makehuman characters with rigify enabled so that character falls to the ground when i add them with the add object actuator in the blender game engine for blender 2.59?Because every time i do my character goes flying in the blender game engine. :mad:

it would be a lot better to know, whats the issue behind if the blend file is attached…

Sorry its over 12 megabites i cant post it on the forum.

Set your charater to ‘ghost/no collision’ type and it wont be flying anymore. :slight_smile:
For attaching blends you can use

That didn’t work. Is pasteall free?

Yes, it is. Most likely you’re adding objects inside of other objects, which is causing an issue. Try using an empty to add the character, or use Python to position them after spawning.

I put the blend on pasteall how do i connect it too blender

Just type out the link, or use the URL button on the bar above the reply window to place the link.

How do i post my blend up from it isnt working?

when you upload the blend to pasteall you will be redirected to a page which contains a Download button. now copy paste the URL on that button to the text box here. hope that helps.

Where is the url on that button?I dont see it.

I think he means right-click the download button and copy the download link. Then, post that link here.

How do you copy that link on windows xp?

I think that should work - either right-click the button and select ‘Copy Link Location’, or click the button and copy the URL in the address bar if it doesn’t go directly to the download - either way should work.

I posted the blend in my previous post on this thread.

Hey SolarLune i posted the blend.

You’re going to have issues with transparency and such, but the character stays still in what I saw. I’m not familiar with Rigify too much, but I think that you should parent the mesh (set to No Collision) to the armature / Rigify (again, No Collision), which is finally parented to the cube, which is the actual collision volume (set to Dynamic or Rigid Body).

What about the clothes?

The clothes should be set to No Collision as well. They should be parented, like the mesh itself, directly to the armature.