MakeHuman Pre-Alpha Release Rescheduled

The pre-apha (we’re up to 0.8f now) demo release date has been changed from 29OCT05 to 03NOV05.

The delay is the result of a decision to include over 100 new targets and icons and the attendant target recalibration time. Also, just a few (of many) character types will be included to show how quickly you will be able to create a humanoid character by starting with a general body setting and then having to adjust far fewer individual targets. In other words, in later releases you won’t have to start from scratch for every character you want to create, or depend on previously saved character types.

You will be able to not only download the program, but will also (although in two different places) be able to download a full-blown quick-start manual (which will soon be a full-blown user manual) in .pdf format. It will not be a situation of “Here’s the program; now you’re on your own!”, because Manuel Bastioni, project administrator, believes the documentation is as important as the code.

Please check the screenshots section here, because they will be updated occasionally, even after the pre-alpha demo release.


Awesome work, I’m looking forward to playing around with this. The progress has looked great so far. Keep up the great work.


Thanks, and will do!


I am really looking forward to using the awesome tool, I think you are all doing a very worthwhile service to the Blender and 3d community.

Well done!

I was also thinking that non organic targets, to make androids, robots, borg and whatever could be something, that others (as in more talented than me!!) could work on?



Thank you! I passed your compliments and suggestion along.

Hmm…MakeRobot…catchy! Although making robots is much easier than making humanoid organic objects, IMHO (no sss and muscles to worry about), quite frankly, we have a lot on our plate with MakeHuman just now, due to a shortage of help. But, it is a good idea.

I liked what I saw on your site.

The MakeHuman morph targets must be continually improved and added upon. A wardrobe for the clothes tool will need to be further developed. More hairstyles for the hair tool will need to be developed. Facial expressions will be continually improved. More character types will continually be added and their morph targets improved. Morph targets for the muscle engine will continually need improvement and be calibrated to the other chained targets. Future plans include the addition of a certain character type that will cause the cycle to start all over. UV maps need to be developed and/or refined for all character types. The to-do list goes on and on…including documentation and video tuts or demos.

So, if you’re just being modest, or if there’s anyone else who can help with artistic modeling, or anything else, please write directly to [email protected]. We never turn down help or ignore suggestions.

Sorry, a little long and a little off-topic. Again, thanks for the KUDOS and your suggestion!


As always the makehuman Admin and crew deserve praise and recognition. They make working with blender a joy. Blender and Makehuman really is like “standing on the shoulders of giants”. Thanks once again.


Thanks! I’ll be sure to pass that on!


no problem for the delay.
i guess the endresult will be the same.
happy users :wink:

I was hoping to create a cyclops target, but couldn’t do it, if you know anyone who can, I would like to see it added.