makehuman problems

hi al…i’m trying to rig a character made with makehuman but it just won’t deform right (i use the ludwig rig).The shoulders are the worst problem…what can i do to improve this? :frowning:

A little more description, screenshots maybe?

i can’t provide screenshots at the moment…i’m at work…lol…i’ll add some later when i get home.
Basically the problem is that no matter what i try the weightpainting doesn’t do the job…i even tried adding shapekeys but i still get ugly creases in the shoulders

Use the ludwig rig to get a reference point on where the bones are placed in relation to the body. Have a squizz at the mancandy rig also, it would be better suited for a makehuman mesh. Make sure you havent got Envelopes selected in the modifiers panel, just the vertex groups button because Ludwig uses Envelopes for the body and a combination of shape keys & vertex groups for the face rig.

I might just be crazy but I boned to mesh pretty easy. the only problem I had was the wrists and I could have fixed that by adding an extrabone just for rotation. for the shoulders I just made that big muscle on top .500 on each and the line of verts on each side .25 and .75.