MakeHuman Project -- On the Move


The Make Human Project has moved the development of their program here.

You can read the press release about it here here.

Right now, an alpha demo is scheduled to be released on 29 OCT 05. You can see screenshots of MakeHuman Pre-Alpha 0.8a (an in-house version)

As always, is the Project home site.

I don’t know why I volunteered for this, I can barely spell URL!

OK, OK, here’s a screen shot!

Finally got them right!

Hah I knew blender UI would finally get to them ^_-. Nice to see them still working on such a large project.

:slight_smile: hehe, Here is blender?!

That start to be a very mature tool you have.

Is it fairly stable? I’m on a slow connection.

PS- Does the model come rigged?

They each work very hard and put in many long days. I think their effort will make many people very happy. btw, saw your website, keep up the good work!

Yes, and it will get even more mature, fast, with the accelerated release schedule it is on.

I am not at liberty to say much right now (NDA), especially about the first release (things could change very quickly). But, I think I will be able to answer your question(s) fully on the 29th of October. Regarding stability, that is the Project’s number one priority. There’s just no point in putting out a program that will CTD.

I think Manuel will consider breaking the program down into sections if it becomes too large, like he did with MH180b, where he split out the target libraries.


Silly… for some reason I thought it was available as a download. Never mind.

The make human (the earlier version may be) in my computers is just like Blender at the first time I saw. What I mean is, does it deal with OpenGL issue like Blender itself? At the first time I use Blender, it starts fine, but then it’s lacking or slowly responding after some times. And it’s exactly the same with the make human. However, the Blender runs without problem now since I updated the driver, meanwhile make human doesn’t do so. Oh yeah, it’s because of hated-ATI Radeon graphic adapter :P. Anything?


NDA? that’s a joke, right?

Yeah, a 64MB ATI was built into the motherboard of the HP I bought. First thing I did was to go out and buy a (real) 128MB graphics card. I view the ATI as a back-up in case my (real) card goes TU. But, I’ll be upgrading soon to 256MB when certain games cough oblivion, X3 cough come out. Anyway, this new MH series is OpenGL, but the performance of the new series will be way much better compared to the old ones, trust me. But, if you must use the old one(s), at least until about Feb. '06, please ask for help with it in the special MH forums at where you can get help directly from one of the devs.

No. Anyone connected with the Project, not just the devs, had to agree not to disclose anything about the alpha test versions or the betas without permission, in order to prevent the dissemination of bad or conflicting information which would confuse and anger people. Besides, I think all open-source software actually has a full copyrite before it is published under GPL/CC license.

Breaking News! This just in …:

It shows muscles applied to the model, and the inset is a render via AQSIS.