Makehuman rigging/weighting glutes

Hi folks:

I’m wondering how to rig/weight a Makehuman figure to allow realistic glutes when the leg is bent at extreme angles. I’ve motion captured a modern dancer, and she’s very flexible.

Here’s the picture of the weird standard glutes - how do I make them rounder? I was thinking about putting a bone in each cheek parented to the pelvis - other ideas?

Thanks, Michael

This doesn’t look like a Rigify rig to me - the first thing I would do is to export the MakeHuman model with the Rigify rig. Activate the Rigify Blender Add-on in User Prefs and try with that far more advanced rig.

You could add more bones to control the glutes’ distortions, but you are really re-inventing the wheel by gradually making your rig more complex, until you eventually end up with something that will look just like Rigify.

You don’t have any bones between lower spine and top of the femur - this would greatly help to control the glute areas, but Rigify is the way to go. Also your neck shoulders and top of the spine are not connected - so you will get problems there too.

You can of course activate Rigify - then use this to make a new armature for yourself. You add the Rigify metarig, then align the metarig bones to your mesh, then click Rigify “Generate” button - but why not just do this all in MakeHuman - its easier.

Cheers, Clock.

Oh yes - I forgot - Welcome to BA!

Shows a good use of helper bones at about 7:39.

Hi Clock:

Thanks for the welcome and the input. I forgot to mention that I’m targeting UE4 as the output, so I used the Uengine rig in Makehuman. Is Rigify a good option for that?

Thanks, Michael

Hi stilltrying:

Interesting use of the glute bones parented to the thighs and starting at the top of the glute. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but looks promising.