MakeHuman script and preview

(Manuel) #1

Hi !
Do you have a notice about MakeHuman script?
We are working to make a new cool tool for Blender.
Take a look here:

This is only the base human model, but the script
use the morphing technology…

(paradox) #2

very cool makes me drool with anticapation. Any idea on when this script will be ready? I’m so excited.

(Eldron) #3

Cant wait to see it be abused like poser… :smiley:

(Manuel) #4

The morpher Class is already in the pre beta version…
Now I’m writing the documentation in the poor english
We are working on the GUI class.

When the script is out, all artist will be able to add a new morphing target
to ufficial library. For example, if you modify the base mesh (without change
the number of verts) in a troll, you can make a target file and send it to Makehuman
team: in the next version you see a new button labeled “Troll”…

I hope an apha version with a little number of target before the end of october… :slight_smile:

(paradox) #5

Cool that will be great to play around with. I see so many possiblitys for this. Good to see it is going so fast ( considering the scope of this project I consider your progress fast) Keep it up.