MakeHuman site Down for some days

The problem will be fixed
before 20 march. I’m sorry for this inconvenience.
We are working to improve the MH site. Stay tuned!

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Makehuman 1.8 is pratically ready: we relese it when the site problem is fixed.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

No probs, just glade to hear you will be back, can’t wait for 1.8 :smiley:


Thanks…we have a surprise too :slight_smile:
about facial expressions…

OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhh now I really can’t wait :o :o :o :smiley:


i want it soooooo bad. i cant wait!!!

Of course the surprise is not implemented in MH 1.8, actually it’s only a great notice…

OOOOHHH you tease you :smiley: :smiley:

Is the current version mirrored somewhere? I only have a really old version that doesn’t have the user friendly GUI and I need to get going on a new project. Don’t want to wait a few days if possible.

never mind. I found Manuel’s link in another topic :slight_smile:

EDIT: Well, a link to 1.6a anyway…

hmm no GUI (im sure I saw that had been implemented) and no Vertex Groups either (there was in 1.49)… have I installed this correctly?

Yes. YProbably you are using the last released version.

The GUI (very simple to use, and not
heavy as the first) will be in the
next version (directly 1.8).
This will have autoUV, autorigging (I hope) ,
paintpose, and some other minor news.

The old 1.49 vertexgroups are losed when we have
deleted some wrong verts from Env mesh
(a different number of verts mean unusable for

The makehuman site is back!

…and looks even better :smiley:


Still can only find a link to 1.6a…is this the latest version available at this time? Your first post implies there is a 1.7 out there somewhere…

Thanks to some new contributor, MH is developed more quickly. For this reason I’ve decided to release directly the 1.8, without any 1.7.

Now I’m waiting because I wish to insert in the next version a rigging version of base mesh. However, there are some problems. If these will not fixed in a week, I release the 1.8 with a not rigging.