MakeHuman Ubuntu Linux

Can someone please explain in detail how to install the newest MakeHuman, I am new to Linux I have Ubuntu 6.10. I did find the deb files but I am at a total loss as to where they go and how to install it.

hi matro,

you should be able to install the packages through nautilus (the file browser). try right clicking on the .deb package and i’m reasonably sure there is an option that will install it for you. when it asks for a password just use your normal password.

if you are familiar with the command line then cd into the directory where the downloaded .deb files are and type…

sudo dpkg -i makehuman_0.9-1_i386.deb

(or whatever the package name is) and then enter your password.

makehuman might need some of the other packages installed first, if this is the case install them first and then try installing makehuman again.

hope this is a help to you.

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