Two days ago i downloaded MakeHuman while i opened/launch .exe file i had python27.dll error code 193.MakeHuman 1.0.2 today i installed python 3.0.5 for windows 7(x64).Please help me solving that problem as fast as you can,okay?

I tried superuser tutorial,but it don’t solve my problem.

Not sure, but doesn’t error code 193 indicate a wrong architecture (as in x32/x64)?
So, if MakeHuman is a 32bit application, it can’t use your 64bit Python.

From my understanding MakeHuman shouldn’t need Python installed at all, as it comes with an inbuilt Python (just like Blender). But under some circumstances it can accidentally find a system-wide Python installation first and use that instead.

What you could try is:

  • Uninstall Python from your system and see if MakeHuman starts.
  • Install Python 2.7 x32 and see if MakeHuman starts.

silly me it’s quite obvious now.Thanks.

it’s x64 architecture so i need to check correct version of python and makehuman 1.0.2

Where can i find MakeHuman 1.0.2 for Windows 7 64-bit?

There isn’t one AFAIK. It’s no problem to run 32bit applications on 64bit operating systems.
The problem in your case is that a 32bit application can’t call a 64bit system Python… You need to install Python 32bit or uninstall Python completely to have MakeHuman use its own one.

afaik?what is it?

As Far As I Know…:wink:

i still have this error code 193

now error code 126

I don’t know what’s going on makehuman 1.0.1 was working in current OS architecture?

note although you pc is 64bit, it can run 32bit apps as well, but if you had 32bit windows then it wouldnt eb able to run 64bit.

make sure your download is okay’ (download again).
make sure you have the rights to install something, runas administrator (shift right click on the setup.exe, runas)
try using an older version you might be using a version that is still a bit to experimental.
if you have multiple python versions check (or temporally disable) your systems environment settings, those that contain the path variable. (the wrong python might get triggered).

older version of makehuman is lack of skeletal mesh templates without assets like in newest ones.

i reinstalled python and makehuman using revo unistaller,but now i have error code of python 27.dll 126

thanks for help.After reinstallation i need to extract makehuman.