MakeHuman...working on...

(Manuel) #1

If you want see the activity about the BlenderMakeHuman,
please take a look here (a great base mesh by Env):

and here (initial discussion):

This is another sketch by Proge:

Sorry, only italian language at this moment…

(Schlops) #2

Holy Sh*t! :o

I want it NOW! :wink:

(Nahtanoj) #3

can’t wait to get my hands on the finished item

(Timonides) #4

When are you going to releash it my friend???


(Manuel) #5

Now the developer team is increased by new entry:
Devas 73.

I can’t write a exact date, but I think that after
1 month (or less) we can have the first alpha, with any
basic morphing…

(Dani) #6

I like the model. How long did it take Env to model it (it’s maybe in the discussion but I can barely understand Italian, though I would love to.)

Here’s some piece of idea:
Do you plan to include animation capabilities? I mean attach the model to an armature and allow linear animation through some sliders and insert keys whenever the user requires it.

Good luck!

(0ptikz) #7

Heres a google translation, not great but better than nothing: :smiley:|en&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&prev=%2Flanguage_tools

(EnV) #8

Hey guys, this is Env.
I spent one day to model the first breast morphing;but it is only a simple test.



(paradox) #9

wow this is coming along great. Great modeling env. This program is going to be so cool. It is also coming along very fast considering the scope of what you are doing. Well done to all involved. I am really looking forward to playing with and using BlenderMakeHuman.


(Manuel) #10

At the moment we are writing only morphing function…
I’m doing a few experiments to use morphing not only
in character look, but in the pose too. But for now no good

After a good, stable morphiong function, we can try to see
the armature calibration…