while working on an upcoming animated series, I stumbled across makehuman (it was a little thread on this forum that hinted me too it in fact). I downloaded Makehuman20 or 2.0 or whatever the latest version at the blender projects site is. It had a nice interface, but for about 85% of the targets it said “not available in preview version”. I assumed that this was the alpha or prealpha version (also 2.0 seems to run a bit slowly on my computer, so I tried 1.8b. At first, I was surprized that it was moving smoothly, but then I noticed it didnt have a GUI like 2.0’s (I can still manipulate verticies the regular way, but it is stuck as a female character). There was a window with script text opened to the right of the main view , so I am wondering if this is an error or bug of some sort.
If anyone has any idea about how to get a graphic interface with 1.8b (I assume there is one since not every character is female), please let me know.
Also, I am probably going to need help on where to go from there, as I can not find many tutorials online for makehuman. If at all possible, I prefer video tutorials or tutoring. Well, I hope someone can help, and if this is the wrong place, sorry, but I didnt see a help section for plugins.

there some tutorial and preview in youtube just search for or go to the italian forum for human project.

why is there only a 0.9 version on the website when ive seen a 1.8 on

Hi HKgunner, You can find The Make Human files here.
If you run it from the supplied .blend file you should be working.
You should download the Target Packs as well.
Remember to load the Base Mesh then all the functins should work.
It is still a good Script /Plugin.

The version you are using is an old script for blender. At the beginning of november a standalone version of Makehuman (written in c++) has been released: it is far better then the old script, and has many more features (first of all the pose engine). The downloas page on Sourceforrge is here

I’m the wiki admin of Makehuman, here you can find what you need to learn MH. There is also a video tutorial showing the basic usage of the software. Many features are still work in progress, but the current version already allows to export the character to blender as an obj file.
On the main site ( There is also a forum.

alright, thanks, Ill try it.

Why is not there baby or fat man or old man in new version?

I am recieving the following error when I try to run the setup:
“NSIS Error:”
The installer you are treying to use is corrupted or incomplete
This may be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a virus.

You may want to contact the author of this installer to obtain a new copy.

It may be possible to skip this check using the /NCRC command line switch (NOT RECOMMENDED) "


Nevermind, I downloaded from a different mirror and it was fine. You may wish to check your Seattle Washington download mirror as it gave me a corrupted version of the file.

Sounds like you only got half the installer in your download.
Try again, Windows?
The old scripts are still functional and make different Humans.

Excellent program. Are there any hair or clothing rigging plugins?

You should check out the home page:
If you haven’t already.
Make Hair is there, although not fully intergrated.
There are some tutorials in the MH forum to do with Cloth.
Enjoy! M.A.

The next release will be focused mainly on hair and clothes (and lowpoly).