hello every body,
I dawnload the last version of mh (0.9.0) on source forge,
and I have a problem.
I can’t save file.
“Error: Couldn’t save file. Press ESC to exit!”
I google a bit, but almost all the problems were on linux, or prior versions,
I am sure that this problem is a simple one and I am missing something.
thank you to help

check whether the slash is backslash “” or forward slash “/”

thanks for your answer
it is like this
C:\Documents and settings…\makehuman/mybs/ok/
I don’t know if it’s help ?
i found more info here

OK, so, I havent actually gotten MH yet, but I’m thinking about it, one concern I have is, can you import more than one MH files in to one Blender File. How about an existing blender file?



Is probable your error is the fact that you’re using an output that does not exist. Try something like: C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\makehuman\mybs\ok, assuming this folder exist. It seems MakeHuman installer has the default Linux setting (/…/…/…) instead of using Windows’ like it should (…).


As far as I’ve used MakeHuman (not much), you can only use .bs files (which is MakeHuman’s format). It allows you to export as .obj, which Blender can then import and you can import as many as you wish. However, into MakeHuman, you cannot import .blend files. Or any other file for that matter.