Is it legal to use lattice modifier and curve modifier in blender to change the makehuman mesh and make your own mesh.How about for commercial use.:eyebrowlift:

Anyone know why Makehuman links can’t be found? I get some create profile page when i try to go to the main page and none of my bookmarked posts are found anymore. Did Makehuman die? I had some trouble getting into it yesterday because it would say “oops, something went wrong…” but now it says it’s not there.

What is happening to my beloved Makehuman???

Works perfectly when tested a minute ago. Refresh the page or get a better ISP


Works fine here too.

Maybe it’s your browser having problems with SSL/TLS-encrypted pages? Try another browser.

Or maybe the page is blocked somewhere? In that case try it through a web proxy.

"Site is being migrated

The site is currently in the process of being migrated to a new server, and will be offline until this move has finished."

Okay, so apparently it’s back up in some areas but mine is still lagging. I was about to cry. lol

And I just got this when i did a bing search for it and found the homepage. So apparently, that’s the story. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast replies. :smiley: